Magical Flower Fairy Craft

 We love making crafts with our own kids, even better when it involves a little outdoor time. Hang this weaving on the wall, or stand it on a shelf to adorn your little ones room with natural beauty and fresh floral scents. 


To create this pretty flower weaving, you will need:

- A crown fit for a woodland flower fairy 

- Packaging from one of our cowns

- Scissors

- Cotton String

- Fresh flowers


Step 1: 

Craft ideas

Gather your materials. Walk through a nearby park, forest, or field and you are sure to find some wild flowers or greenery. 


Step 2: 

diy crafts

Cut the top of the crown box so that you only have the back and side walls left. Then cut slits into two opposite sides about 2 cm apart. This can vary depending on how tight of a weave you'd like it to be. For very delicate flowers, space 3-4 cm apart.Then wind your string back and forth.

Step 3: 

fairy craft

Start weaving the flowers through the strings, under over, under over, until you reach the end. Alternate starting under or over each time. 


Step 4:

flower craft

That was easy! You are done and ready to display your masterpiece! 

Don't forget to share what you've done! Use #fabelabdiy on Instagram so that we can take a look!


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