The Folding Blankets & Basic Collection

Tchildrens folding blanket collectionhe idea behind our folding blankets, is the essence of FABELAB and how it all started: to be a sustainable company, using organic materials and designing products that can have a longer life by transforming alongside the growing child.

The beautiful and soft blanket hides a secret: The combination of stitched patterning that functions as fold lines and some well-placed ties, so that the play-fold-blankets easily transform from a quilted blanket into a cuddly bird or a boat.

Adding decoration and accessories matching our popular folding blankets, we have created  a playful universe using the simplicity in geometric shapes and sophisticated colours, which can be interpreted individually.

For example our play-fold-bird is a very distinct but still abstract shape, which has been called a bird, a swan, a crane, a duck, a dinosaur and much more.

This is what we want to encourage with our collections.

Each collection has a story that can be told using the products. We like to see how parents and children will find their own way of using our products.

We constantly get new ideas watching our own kids growing up and by the world around us. These ideas get expressed in one yearly new collection.

In the meantime we add products to our existing collections and our basic range.

Play-Fold-Bird Alisan, Play-Fold-Bird JadePlay-Fold-Bird Dawn and Play-Fold-Ship Multi