A colorful lovestory

Deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, our baby basics are made to be timeless essentials, to be passed on for generations to come.
Our baby basics carry our little ones through the first precious years. Featuring a mix of bold and soft colours, we provide a minimalistic and calm base to the new family’s daily routine.

Our basics are always made from 100% organic cotton, to achieve the purest touch for your little one. With a sophisticated colour range in bibs, cuddles, swaddles, towels and more, you can mix and match colours and pieces to create the perfect mood for your baby.

Our colours are inspired by the world around us. Drawing from what we find in
nature, translated into an imaginative universe of creatures and landscapes, we bring warmth and stories into the room. We love combining this season’s colours with the existing range, such as the warm earthy cinnamon paired with the fresh foggy blue or the deep and natural olive colour paired with the ever popular ochre.

Our range of basic products provides the possibility for modern and exciting colour stories that bend the gender norms, allow for individuality and can be beautifully combined with the playful Fabelab soft toys and dolls.

Shop our colors here: 
Shop Berry • Shop Ochre & Cinnamon • Shop Blues • Shop Olive • Shop Unbleached

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