Our Easter Bunny vehicle is a cosy little train to distribute lots and lots of Easter eggs!

This cute train is a fantastic decoration for our Easter table - and the kids (and I) like to steal some sweet eggs on the way.

This post is more as an inspiration and dow not have full instructions of how we built this train.

The reason is, that we developed it as we went along in the creative process.

Here is what we used:

a toilet paper roll and a kitchen paper roll

a cork, some fun screw cap ( I don't remember where this came from, we always have a box full of saved bits and pieces)

a little cardboard packaging box 

the bottoms of 2 egg cartons

round wooden sticks

fabric ribbon to connect the wagons

tissue paper as a base for the sugar eggs in the wagons

paint, glue, scissors

creative_easter_diy_ideas Train_DIY_for_dolls

The Easter Bunny is a crafty little fellow himself, painting all these Easter eggs - so we decorated his little train with colourful paint blobs. 


crafting_ideas_train candy_train_crafting_ideas

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