All Time Favourite - Ship Blanket

Multipurpose Ship Blanket for practical use and play 

The Ship Blanket was one of the very first products made by Fabelab. The idea behind the Ship Blanket is the essence of the Fabelab: designing products that can have longer life as it can transform and follow your little ones throughout their childhood. To be a sustainable company and use organic materials.  

With the multi-functional purpose and high-quality materials, we ensure a long lifespan of the product. Use the Ship Blanket as a safe cover for your little ones and as they grow older you can transform it easily into a playful ship, that kids can use to play together with their Buddies, Fab Friends and imaginary play. 

 Playful Ship Blanket Seaside

From soft blanket to playful ship

The secret behind the design of our Ship Blanket is hidden within the patch work pattern. The combination of stitch patterning functions as folding lines and easily transforms the quilted  blanket into a origami inspired paperboat.

Matching playful universe 

Matching our popular Folding Blanket, we have created Fabelab’s playful underwater universe including mermaids, fun sea creature rattles and prints in our baby essentials. When creating new collections, we get inspired by watching our kids grow up. 

 See our newest collection here: 2021 News

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