Add a little more colour in your everyday life with Fabelab's baby essentials in 100% organic cotton.

Whether your little one is in the mood for cuddling and needs to feel safe or wants to play, Fabelab's baby essentials are the perfect choice.
Fabelab's Pacifier Cuddle with sweet embroidered details has a hold of your little one's pacifier and will make sure that he feels safe. When needed, clip off the pacifier and let the baby play and cuddle with it. 
The quilted on-the-go Changing Mat is such a pretty yet practical underlay when your little one needs to be changed! It holds two pockets inside to storage the necessities for changing and is easily closed with velcro. The Changing Mat fits perfectly into our Tote Bag, when you need to bring it with you. 
When your little one is in the mood for play Fabelab's Activity Blankets will gently stimulates your baby’s senses with beautiful colours to look at and fun items to grab and crackling paper to squeeze!  The Activity Blanket is easy to take along with you, and your little one will love to lie on the tummy and explore.





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