Baby's First Christmas


Your very first Christmas, that special kind of one,
the gathering of precious memories has only just begun, and even though you ́re still too small
to really know the meaning of it all,
from the time you get up,
till you go nighty night,
my darling angel, my love, my sweet child,
Let these be your childhood memories oh so bright.

Find inspiration and read more about a few products we believe, are the perfect gift for a baby's first Christmas. 


The Fabric Book:
Our soft book provides your little ones with their first hand held literature experience.  The organic cotton and corn fibre filling makes this experience soft and cosy.  

The six pages are created to be interacted with, providing visuals, feels and sounds, while taking you on a small adventure. 


The Cuddle Dolls
They say good things come in small packages. 
We believe this is true when introducing our new Cuddle Dolls. 
The perfect small soft doll made from 100% organic cotton. 
They are suitable for many ages, for the little ones as a cuddle perfect for their tiny hands. 
For the bigger ones as a doll for their favourite cuddle buddies, because we believe everyone should have a little soft friend. 

The Cuddle dolls come in 4 beautiful colours.
Beachgrass, Blue Spruce, Mauve and Ochre.
They can be mixed and matched with our cuddle buddies and fit perfectly in their arms.


gift ideas for babies

The Buddy Fox and his Best friend, The Soft Rattle Fox.
Our cutest little fox couple does not hibernate during winter, but they love a cosy nest and a warm hug when it gets colder
They are made from the softest organic cotton and are the perfect pair for any newborn.