Bath Time


Personalize your bathroom or give you little one their own bath towel with our new Towels with beautiful stripes. They are made out of 100% cotton, that feels soft on your skin. 
Our new Towels comes in a Bath TowelHand Towel and a Beach Towel. You can choose between 2 different variants in beautiful colours.


Fabelab's Ponchos are perfect for giving a warm hug when getting out of the fresh bath or after a lovely swim. 
Just like the Towels, the Ponchos are made from 100% organic cotton. Use the Poncho to keep your little one warm and comfortable after bath time or as a cover when enjoying your time at the beach. The cute hood makes the bath routine a fun and cozy moment for you to enjoy together. Babies quickly loose heat, so by wrapping the towel around your baby right after bath, you prevent them from freezing.
You can choose between 2 beautiful colours.




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