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Stimulate your little one’s senses with Fabelab’s Soft Blocks and Music Mobiles

Fabelab’s popular Animal Soft Blocks are back in stock!

The Soft Blocks are perfect for a fun time of play and activation with different colours and surfaces to touch and look at. 

There are many benefits associated with Soft Blocks. Not only do they activate your baby, but they also help stimulate the senses of sight, touch and hearing. Fabelab’s Soft Toys are fun to look at and touch, as every Soft Block has its own unique design with fun details. As your little one gets older, he will love to stack these Soft Blocks and knock them down right after.

Fabelab’s Soft Blocks are made of 100% organic cotton and stuffed with poly foam filling, which makes them soft and safe to play with - a lovely squishable toy that your little one can play with for many years!

Soft Blocks Animals 

The animal themed Soft Blocks have different colours and lots of details like ears, tails and horn. The bear, unicorn, cat and bunny are cute and fun to play with. They are decorated with cute little faces and paws.

Soft Blocks Animals Fabelab
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Soft Blocks Orchard

You can also find the popular soft blocks in this new adorable orchard colour edition.

Soft blocks orchard Fabelab

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Lull baby to sleep with the cutest lullaby

One of our baby favorites are back! A soft and organic cuddle friend.

Fabelab’s music mobiles are both cuddly and cute! Pull it’s string and let your little one fall in sleep to the cutest lullaby.

You can find our music mobiles in the cutest designs. The pretty unicorn, the cuddly bear and the sweet bunny. Let the music mobile thug in the crib as a soft cuddle buddy that plays clear and calm music, that makes every baby feel relaxed.

The music mobiles are made of 100% organic cotton and stuffed with corn fibre filling.

Music Mobile Unicorn Fabelab

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