Books and Puzzles for children

Books & Puzzles for children

Bobs Journey Collection

Bob's Fabulous Journey contains a wordless picture book, different Puzzles & a Memory game. This new collection introduces your child to the different seasons and encourages you and your child together to find signs of the changes in the seasons in the land of Fabelab and create your own stories.

See Collection Books & Puzzles here.

games for toddlers preschoolers and children from 3+ years old


Book Bobs Journey 

In Fabelabs new picture book you can bring Bob the Bear on a fabulous journey into the fairytale Land of Fabelab! Experience the four seasons with Bob and all his fantastic friends, and learn about the exciting activitites that belong to the different seasons. Do you already know some of the activities?

 image books for children and baby

See Picture Book here.


Puzzles For Children

Educate your children about the 4 Seasons and evolve their cognitive learning.  Fabelab has two kinds of puzzles avalable, one Puzzle that contains all four seasons where each puzzle contains 16 pieces and a collection of four seperate puzzles that contain 50 pieces each.

Age recomendation for Four season is 4 year +. Age recomendation for the seprate season puzzles is 5 years +.

See Puzzle 4 Season here.

See all Puzzles here.

puzzles for children age 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and older. Fabelab has a new educational collection with games and toys for kids


Memory Game

Let your children take the brain cells for a spin and enhance their cognitive skills. It is important to use educational games with children from a young age, to evolve their cognitive skills.

Fabelab's new Memory Game consists of 18 pairs with illustrations of the Fabelab characters from the Four Seasons in the Land of Fabelab.

Our age recomendation for the Memory game is children aged 3 years and older. Match a pair and play with your little one to enhance their cognitive skills.

See memory game here.

educational play for 3 years old from fabelab evolve childrens cognitive skills, age recomendation is preeschoolers

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