Create a playful world for your Pocket Friends 

Our huggable Pocket Friends are wonderful companions when kids need assurance and confidence.⁠ They are the perfect size for imaginative role play and dollhouse hygge.⁠

Enter a world of storytelling and imaginative craft projects that fit these small playful creatures! 

Follow the Pocket Friends through 3 of our magical landscapes in this series of Paper Activity Booklets.

With the MiniMakers by Fabelab craft kits, it’s easy to make a little caravan, tipi tent and lots of accessories for all their adventures.

In these dreamy little worlds, the possibilities are endless. Role-playing with characters practices your social skills, such as empathy, and stimulates the imagination as well as the interaction between friends and family members.


Constructing your own toys, building small universes and playing with homemade creations, is a great pleasure as well as a learning process. Fine motor skills and imagination are strengthened as you see the playscapes take shape.


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Paper activity booklet enchanted forest   Paper activity booklet Happy fields   Paper Activity booklet Lucky ocean



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