Dream Friends

Did you know that each of our dolls has a special 'gift' ? 

Every Fabelab doll has a special “gift”, a carefully picked character trait, that supports the individual child when they are in need of comfort or are challenged.

In each doll’s individual packaging, they sit on a little swing dangling from a characteristic shape. The Rainbow Fairy’s swing is hanging from a rainbow, the Mermaid from a shell and the Forest Elf from a leaf. 

We put a lot of effort into tailoring a little story for each of our characters and communicating it through the design of the packaging and the narrative that follows with it. 

The packaging is made from cardboard, with no use of plastic.


Doll Bedding - Doll-Mermaid - Swaddle-Blue Spruce Doll-Tooth Fairy - Doll-Rainbow Fairy Doll-Tooth Fairy - Doll-Rainbow Fairy 

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