We had a cosy Easter crafts day with the girls at home.

We found colourful fabric leftovers, patterned paper scraps, tissue paper and thread and put it all onto our crafting table.

We started with some ideas and inspirations, but we love experimenting, delving into the creative process and get new ideas on the way.

Here are some of our results from that day:


Paper Spring Birds:

I drew a simple bird shape on sheets of patterned paper which the girls could cut out. Then we folded tissue paper into a fan and pulled it through 2 slits in the bird shape. With a big needle, we pulled a thread through the paper bird and added beads to make them even more decorative.

Click on the picture to download our cutting template:


craft_easter_fabelab bird_diy_craft

Easter Eggs from fabric leftovers:

I cut an egg-shaped template, which the girls used to stitch the fabric together on the machine, fill it with polyester filling and then we added pompoms and small tassels made from cotton thread.

diy_easter_egg_craft diy_craft_easter_eggs