Fabelab Turns Five!

As we celebrate our fifth birthday this week, we can’t help but look back on what an incredible journey these last five years have been. Firstly, we have the most incredible customers in the world: Thank you. We have built a like-minded community of conscientious consumers who value imagination, sustainable design and hygge-filled family moments and we are incredibly grateful for this. From our architect beginnings in Copenhagen, to being sold all over the world, a lot has happened in five years and we can’t wait to see what the next five bring!

Architecture & Imagination: Where it all Began

Our dynamic architect-founder Michaela creates with imagination and wonder in mind, designing products that surprise and delight, surpassing their obvious purpose and staying around longer than a typical baby or children's product. This multipurpose design strategy allows Fabelab to stay true to our sustainable design philosophy.

Five years ago, Fabelab started with just one product: the Play-Fold Bird Blanket. As a new mother, Michaela dreamed up the blanket as a way to keep imagination front and centre in a baby’s first years. Working to create something that could live on past its initial use as a blanket, play mat and sleeping bag, and transform into a special keepsake, the bird was born. Inspired by origami, Michaela was entranced with the idea of creating something three-dimensional out of a flat surface, making a baby blanket into something unexpected. She loved the possibilities of the bird, you could make it fly for your little one or even make it a part of that beloved nighttime-ritual: the bedtime story. The bird itself, so clean in its shape, leaves room for interpretation and imagination.

The Play-Fold Bird Reimagined: Dreamy Bird Blanket Take the Stage

Fabelab relaunched our beloved and iconic Play-Fold Bird Blanket in the Autumn of 2017 as the Dreamy Bird Blanket, reimagining our very first product just in time for our fifth birthday. The Dreamy Bird Blanket comes in Foggy Blue and Mauve and features gorgeous gold embroidery, lending further whimsy to the imaginative baby blanket.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!



P.S. If you haven't already, check out our birthday contest on Instagram! Win a gorgeous Baby or Junior Bundle featuring some of our favourite products (including the Dreamy Bird Blanket in Foggy Blue!).

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