Fabelab in India (Part 2)

We continue our India series with a focus on the people helping to create your Fabelab products. We loved having the chance to develop a closer working relationship with the people we speak to daily. One highlight of our trip was visiting one of our merchandisers in her home, meeting her family and others in the village. We are so lucky to have such strong and intelligent women behind our products. 

We were also happy to learn that one manufacturer producing Fabelab product has been paying for the education of his employees, as well as their families. We take comfort knowing that our values for a good quality education are shared by our partners. We were pleased to see such a close family environment with lots of smiles. 


Over the next few weeks we will share some blog posts and photos from our trip about the manufacturing process. We believe it is important to know where your products are coming from an understand the lives of the people behind it. 

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