Fabelab donates 10% to Plan international’s project “Early Childhood”. The project supports vulnerable children - girls in particular - to grow up equally valued, cared for and free from discrimination.
As a part of the collaboration with Plan International, Fabelab has designed a range of playful items and by buying these you help to donate to the project. The Plan Product range includes a wide range of different games like a memory game, puzzle, a dress up game and colour pencils, a colour book and Fab Friend Sol.
Memory Game 
Fabelab’s Memory Game consists of 20 pairs with illustrations of the Fabelab character, where you have to match different faces. It’s a fun game for the whole family, where both children's and adults' memory is put to the test. 
Mix the pieces and spread them over a hard surface with the motif facing down. The players take turns flipping two pieces where they’ll hopefully get a match. 
Fabelab memory game with funny motifs
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Let’s play dress up
Fabelab’s dress up game consists of 51 pieces of clothing to mix & match. With different images like the tails of a mermaid and the shirt of a sailor, the game allows children to dream of becoming whatever they want to be. Because at Fabelab, we believe that every child should have the same rights and opportunities of becoming what they dream of, as they are all equally valued
Fabelab Dress-up game
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Colouring book
Let your creativity run free and create your Fab Friends in Fabelab’s colouring book and create. It’s easy, because you only need the book and a set of crayons. 
The Colouring book represents every little child with dreams, as it let’s them draw whatever and whoever they want to become.   (man kan være den man vil være, leg og rollespil)
Fabelab x Plan International colouring book
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Colour Pencils
Colour your world with Fabelab’s Colour Pencils.
Fabelab’s Colour Pencils include 14 Fabelab triangle colour pencils and 1 pencil sharpener. The pens include many different skin tones and ensure that there are colours for everyone. They are non-toxic and eco friendly, as they are made from responsibly sourced wood. 
These colour pens are the perfect choice when you want to sketch or colour! Use them together with Fabelab’s colouring book and colour Fabelab’s characters. 
Fabelab x Plan International colouring pencils
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Please welcome Sol - one of the newest members of Fabelab’s Fab Friends!
Fabelab’s Fab Friend Sol, is a playful Fab Friend to create wonderful experiences with wherever you go. She has cute details like a sun on her chest, curly hair, a playful jumpsuit and cute yellow sandals. Her perfect huggable size makes her likely to become best friends with your little one. 
Fabelab + Plan International doll fabe friend
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