New Wood Collection

Fabelab’s new collection of wooden toys are easy on the eyes, consciously crafted, and most importantly fun for the little ones. The simple wood toys will capture your little ones’ attention and interest without overwhelming them - and inspire their imagination without directing it. 

Tool Box

Do you have a little builder at home? Then this set is perfect! My First Tool Set from Fabelab has many hours of busy building for little builders. A great set with beautifully decorated play tools and small nuts & bolts, a hammer, and wood pieces to put together. My First Tool Set is a wonderful playful product that also may aid fine motor skills and develop an interest in building something with your very own hands.
The Tool Set has a good handle at the top, so it is easy to transport all your tools to your next building project. It contains the following tools: a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench, a saw, a ruler, various nuts, bolts and pieces of wood. The wooden tools have rounded corners that fit well in your little one’s hands. The Box has smart holes that the screws can be screwed into for extra fun. 
My first Tool Set is similar to a real Toolbox and contains everything you need to make your little one feel like a little craftsman. The Tools stimulate creativity while developing the child's coordination and motor skills. 
Age recommendation: 3y+
Fabelab wood tool set

Ramp Racer

Follow the fun animal creatures on their ride through the Land of Fabelab. The Ramp Racer is a fun toy that can entertain kids for hours and keep their attention as they watch the small animals roll from one ramp to the next. The animals are Fabelab's well-known characters in the Land of Fabelab; Bunny, Dragon, Bob and the sleepy Sloth. The animals consist of four wood pieces with rounded corners so that they can roll down the Ramp and explore the Land of Fabelab.
A ramp racer is something your kids never get tired of. It encourages the development of hand-eye coordination and motor skills and is easy for kids to play with. 
Four cute animal Fabbies are included with the Ramp Racer. When the animals are put on top of the Ramp Racer and released, they roll down the track - And when the Ramp Racer is not in use, it can be placed as a nice decoration in the kids’ room.
Age recommendation: 18m+
Fabelab ramp racer

Puzzle Blocks

Discover the magical beings in the Land of Fabelab and collect the puzzle blocks, one by one, with Fabelab's Puzzle Blocks Fabbies Land - wood. 

The puzzle consists of four solid wooden blocks and can be used to collect six different illustrations. On each side of the block, you will find parts of an illustration of the well-known Fabelab characters from the Land of Fabelab. Rotate the blocks to find those that belong together! The puzzle is assembled in a wooden frame, which makes it easier for the child to keep track of the blocks. 

You can also stack the wooden Blocks and push them down. The balancing of the wooden blocks strengthens the child's finger balance, fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination. 

Cute wood puzzle with the land of fabelab in beautiful colours

Shape Sorter

Fabelab's Shape Sorter Cart with different geometric shapes stimulates hand-eye coordination and encourages your child to recognise shapes. 

A Shape Sorter Cart is always popular with children. The different geometric shapes that can be put in the matching holes can be entertaining for hours. Learn about geometric shapes and colours with Fabelab's Shape Sorter Cart. 

The Shape Sorter Cart is multi-functional, as the cart can be pulled along by its string and the shape sorting adds more fun and educational learning. The top can be lifted, which makes it easy for the child to get the bricks out again. The box is made of wood and contains 11 different geometric shapes in different colours. Let your child train his motor skills and learn about the different shapes and sizes. 

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