Get to know our lovely POCKET FRIENDS

Have you ever looked closely at the bottom of your pocket?  Did you know that we, the little fabulous and faithful Pocket Friends live exactly there? The size of us might seem unimpressive – but our faithfulness and fantasy, is great I promise you. Especially if you invite us into your life. Are you ready to play with me and my family of little magic pocket friends? 

I will tell you a little bit more about us. The Pocket Friends do not eat food – however we love hugs and kisses. This you must remember! We do not need to drink either, but we quench the thirst when you tell us about your dreams.

The wonderful thing about us, is that you can bring us everywhere. Take me with you when you travel to other countries – or simply if you travel in your imagination. Or from your mom to your dad – if they do not live together.  We can bring continuity into your life, and follow you wherever you might go. If you feel unsafe, just put your hand in your pocket – and I promise that I will warm it and protect you.

The magic thing about me is that I, besides being faithful, also can be your friendly reminder. I tell you, not all kids need the same kind of reminders. Some children have to be reminded exactly how brave they are – and some need to be reminded to hold on to their imagination. How can I remind you of something important?

 I hope that I can stay in your warm pocket full of love? 

By the way – in a pocket everything is possible. Did I forget to tell your that I can also keep a secret? 

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