Magical Doors & Christmas Elfs🚪

Bring the Christmas spirit in with Fabelab’s Magical Doors & Elfs

Create a magical Christmas feeling in your home, leading up to Christmas with these cute little Elf Doors and Christmas Elfs. These Magical doors are for magical beings and can be placed at the food panel or on a dresser, for your little one to see.

Christmas Elf Door

Christmas Elf Door Cinnamon

Create a cozy home for the little elfs with Fabelab’s little elf doors

Let the Christmas spirit move in together with little elfs and other magical beings, when this little door is placed in your home. Both children and adults enjoy the coziness around the door and the Christmas mood that comes along. Behind Fabelab’s little doors is a secret world of magical beings and great adventures that waits for you to see!

The doors also come with a little ladder and a mailbox, which you can place right next to each other. All the parts are done in great detail and are sure to give a smile on your little one's face. 

Gingerbread House Elf Door - Mix

All your friends are invited into the warm and cosy Gingerbread House, where it always smells of freshly homemade cookies. This Gingerbread House door creates a magical Christmas spirit throughout the month of December.

Gingerbread House door mix

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Winterwonderland Elf Door - Fuggy Blue

The kids will love the magic thing about this Winterwonderland Door. Take out the Elf door every year at Christmas time and make it a fun tradition for both young and old. Let the children help create Christmas stories about the little Elf, who lives behind the door. 

Christmas Elf Door Winterwonderland Fabelab

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Christmas Elf Door - Cinnamon

Behind this door lives a magic Christmas Elf and only he can open the door. Once the elf has moved in, it is a good idea to spoil him a bit. It could be a small bowl of rice porridge, Christmas biscuits or other things that elfs like. Otherwise, the elf might spread a little mischief! 

Cute Elf door Fabelab

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Christmas Elf Dolls

Nana and Grandpa elf have come down from their secret hiding place in the attic to play with your little one! Spreading “hygge” (and a little mischief!) everywhere they go, they will make the perfect companion for your little one this Christmas. The season is just around the corner! And so is the high season of baking and cooking. Christmas Elf Doll, Nana, loves to bake Christmas cookies and treats for Grandpa Elf and he enjoys eating them. 

Christmas Elf Doll - Grandpa

Christmas Elf Grandpa Fabelab
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Christmas Elf Doll - Nana


Christmas Doll Elf Nana

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