This year, we finally tried to dye our eggs with natural ingredients and decorative leaf imprints.

First, we prepared the eggs:

We collected leaves and small flowers from the garden - the ones that worked best were a bit more sturdy than the thin leaves of eg dandelions.

The girls carefully placed the flowers on the eggs and wrapped each egg in a piece of old thin tights, either knotting the fabric directly or using an elastic to secure it tightly.

Dye_easter_eggs  Easter_eggs_fabelab_dye

Then, we prepared the dyes:

For the warm brown, we used red onion peels.

For the ochre, we used turmeric - you can use pieces the fresh root in small pieces of the dried powdered spice.

For the mauve colour, we used avocado peels and pits.

For each colour, we filled a pot with water, added the dye ingredients and a few tablespoons of vinegar and boiled them for about 30min before adding the eggs.

After carefully adding the eggs into the dyes, we boiled them for about 10minutes. Make sure the eggs are completely covered.

ideas_easter_eggs_dye dye_your_easter_eggs_ideas

Then we took the pots from the heat and left the eggs in to soak for another 1-2 hours to get the intense colour.

We took the eggs out to dry a little bit, before we removed the fabric and leaves.

The turned out so beautiful!

And I can't wait for next year to experiment with even more colours and ingredients, I think we will try blueberries, red cabbage and beetroot.




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