Organic Essentials & Bibs

2021 Collection

The 2021 Essentials and Bibs are made with lots of love based on sustainable materials, ensuring both proper manufacturing conditions and that no harmful chemicals are used. For Fabelab, sustainable design is important, and that is why our collection focus on using the right materials, as well as a long lifespan of the products. In our 2021 collection you will find news like Fold over Bibs, Aprons, Bandana Bibs and much more in both new colours and old favorites. 


Practical mealtime

With a little person, mealtime includes covers and textiles to keep a hold of all the delicious foods messing up the clothes. We have the solution: Fabelab's new organic feeding and drool bibs. They are a perfect, and practical choice when the little one is enjoying a good messy meal!


 Ruffle bib Fabelab bibs Fold over bib Fabelab

Shop Ruffle Bib here                       Shop Fold Over Bib here


Cuddly nap-time

Let your little one enjoy nap-time in our newest 100% organic and soft Bedding Blankets, that has a lovely, soft muslin weave. Remember to bring the all-time favorite bedtime Cuddle with you. When your little one is in the mood for cuddling and needs to feel safe, Fabelab's Animal or Pacifier Cuddle is the perfect choice for this.


Animal Cuddle - Bear    Baby blanket - Grid - Ochre

              Shop Animal Cuddle - Bear here        Shop Baby blanket - Ochre here             


Creative time

Be creative in the kitchen with our Apron or have fun being crafty with our Craft Smock. Let your little one help in the kitchen and learning about new exciting types of food and tasting flavors, with Fabelab’s organic Apron. The Apron’s two big front pockets helps keeping all kinds of kitchen essentials.


 Apron - Chambray Olive    Craft Smock Pale Yellow

 Shop Apron here                  Shop Craft Smock here


Shop the 2021 collection here
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