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2021 news in Home Items

Our 2021 Home items contain our popular Quilted blankets with new playful shapes, new bedding designs made out from 100% organic cotton for the baby-, junior- and the adults. Now it is possible for every family member to have matching beddings. 

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Fabelab's popular diamond blanket

You can now find our popular diamond blanket in the finest pale yellow and other mixed colors. Use the diamond blanket for a lovely picnic when the sun is out, or snuggle up in the livingroom with a good book.

                                                        Blanket - Diamond - Yellow Mix
                                                      Shop Yellow Diamond Blanket here

Practical storage bags

Besides being great for storing toys, our new storage bags are also quite decorative with the new colorful designs. Bring playfullness and summer vibes into the room with Fabelab's storage bags.

Storage Bag Small - Beetle
Shop Beetle Storage Bag Small here

Playful quilted blankets

Make a soft surface to play or rest on, with Fabelab's new Quilted Blankets. The eye-catching blankets adds a fresh and playfull twist, to every childs room. Find our quilted blankets in the characteristic playful beetle, the adorable strawberry or the fun and juicy peach.
Quilted Blanket - Strawberry
Shop Strawberry Quilted Blanket here

Super soft bedding

Fabelab's classic bedding is now available in a bright pastel yellow color. Let your precious little one tuck into our super soft, organic cotton bedding and have a lovely night sleep. Our new bedding also comes in a Buzzing Bee design, a wild strawberry design and with peach design. 


Bedding - Pale Yellow
Shop Pale Yellow Bedding here



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