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Sustainable & reusable Christmas gift wrapping 

The gifts we choose to buy and the way we wrap them in are small changes that can all add up to make a world of difference. Around the holidays, we throw away tons of trash and one of the biggest offenders of seasonal waste is the single-use gift wrapping. 

After all the Christmas gifts are revealed, there is a lot of waste. Cut down on the huge amount of paper and become sustainable with fabrics that can be reused and bring joy each and every year. The Japanese art of fabric wrapping furoshiki is increasingly being embraced by shoppers as a sustainable alternative to paper.

Reusable & Sustainable Gift Wrapping Fabelab

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A cheap way to wrap in presents for Christmas

It’s not only sustainable to choose reusable gift wrapping, it is eventually much cheaper and there is much money to save. The reusable Gift Wrapping comes with a great economic benefit, as you don’t need to use money on new wrapping paper each year. Another good thing about using fabric instead of gift paper wrapping, is that not all gifts come in a regular shape or square box. With furoshiki, it is easy to wrap the gifts no matter how bizarre or irregularly shaped the gift might be. The fabric’s soft material makes it easy to wrap any gift in. 

How to wrap in gifts with furoshiki method

All you need is Fabelab’s two sided square gift wrapping and some basic folding skills, to wrap your Christmas presents in the furoshiki method. It is easy to use, just place the gift in the centre of the fabric, thick the fabric around the gift and fasten it with a knot. 

To make the wrapping more fancy, add one or two of Fabelab’s organic cotton Ornaments or some pine tree branches, for a perfect finish. Make it a little personal, by choosing the Ornaments that you think the receiver would like. Rather than use shiny plastic gift ribbons, go with a more natural look and look for some branches or small pine cones that you can find in your area nearby. 

Ornaments in Christmas present
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A zero waste alternative

Fabelab’s reusable gift wrapping is the ideal zero-waste alternative to ordinary wrapping paper. They are made of 100% organic cotton and can be used over and over again, passed around friends and family and reused every Christmas. Another zero waste alternative is Fabelab's Christmas sacks.

Zero-waste Gift wrapping paper under Christmas tree

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