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Keep your baby stimulated with Fabelab's Soft Toys & Fabric Books

Fabelab’s Fabric Books are perfect as baby’s very first book! They are made from 100% organic cotton, with crackling paper and soft squeezable pages. The books will keep your baby stimulated  as her world grows.  

The cute Fabric Books are made from soft materials in lovely pastel colours, which catches your  baby’s attention. The pages are easy for the little hands to flip through and look at the different  illustrations. These creative Fabric Books will most definitely keep your little one busy for hours. 

Fabelab’s Fabric Books help build up your baby’s language, as they lead up to good conversations. The books entertain through look and touch, with different twists on every page.  


An apple a day… 

Follow the worm as it goes from page to page and explore the inside of an apple. This creative Fabric Book is formed as an apple and shows different illustrations on each page that invites your little one to exciting conversations. 

Fabric Book Apple Fabelab

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Small Adventures... 
Stimulate your little one’s senses with the Small Adventures Fabric Book. With cute motives and squeezable pages, this book is perfect for stimulation and giggling. 


Soft Fabric Book For Babies

Nature Adventure… 
With crackling pages, lovely bold colours and the most adorable little nature tale, the Fabric  Book is sure to keep your little one entertained. The Fabric Book features plenty of touch and feel,  for your baby to explore.  

Fabric Book Nature Adventure Fabelab

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