Time for school 🎒

We proudly presents the collection Time For School with new backpacks, pencil cases, gym bags, snack bags & bum bags.

Fabelab's lightweight Backpacks are perfect for pre-school beginnings and for small trips and adventures.

The Backpacks outer and inner shell fabric is made from recycled post-consumer polyester.

Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester consist of reused plastic bottles that are cleaned, shredded and spun into a thread to reuse for production. To make the Large Backpacks there have been used 37 pieces of Coca Cola bottles & for the smaller version there have been used 22 bottles.






The first day at school is a very special milestone that requires the right equipment. Get inspired and find the last thing you need before your little one's first day at school.


 1. A practical pencil case

 A practical Pencil Case is a great choice for young school kids as it keeps pencils and colourful crayons tidy and organized, with a practical fold-out function.

We have added a cool badge to write your name on so there are no mix-ups in school.


snackback in blue with cool planet print



 2. A cute Snack Bag

Pop your little one's lunch into our organic and cute Planet Snack Bag. Ideal for keeping hold of snacks such as fruit, bread or other treats. Not only do you reduce plastic waste, but you also put a smile on your precious ones' faces



2. A sunhat to protect the skin

It's important to keep the sun out of your children's faces and protect their skin from the sun.



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