22th April is the International #Earthday 🌎

Today is International #Earthday 🌎

At Fabelab we take our commitment to be a green company very seriously and consider every single step of our production in order to minimize our environmental impact on earth.

Amongst other things, we try to avoid plastic in all of our products as well as packaging, do our absolute best to design products that are versatile and can be used over a longer period of time, we ask our fabric suppliers to work with offcuts from our own productions for our Offcuts Collection and we put together our collections so new designs and earlier designs can be combined and tell a story together. 

In our Time For School Collection, you'll find backpacks, pencil cases and bum bags made of Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester. A material made of reused plastic bottles that are cleaned, shredded and spun into a thread to reuse for production. Fun fact: 37 Coca Cola bottles have been used to produce our large backpack 🎒

We truly believe that it is an important part of our responsibility, as a kids brand, to protect our kids' future and look into sustainable alternatives.

Happy Earth Day, Everyone. Take care (of yourself and the earth)

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