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Toiletry Bag with hanger - Lilac

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Fabelab Toiletry bag with hanger - Lilac is perfect when you are going on vacation or just heading for a little getaway for the weekend. The outer and inner shell fabric is made from Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester.

Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester is made of reused plastic bottles that are cleaned, shredded and spun into a thread to reuse for production.

Fabelab’s Cozy Kin collection is a tribute
to the simple life of hygge, cosiness and comfort.

It’s all about the love and consideration
we put into our everyday routines.
The selflessness when waking up early
on a quiet Sunday morning to prepare bread for the rest of the family.
The joy when setting the table
and adding that extra-fine tablecloth even though it’s just a midweek day.
The extra effort and the care that is invested when
airing the duvets by hanging them outside
and placing fresh flowers
on the nightstand in the guestroom
before guests arrive.

the old saying goes.
It’s between the four walls of a home,
life happens
– Everyday!

This is a collection of everyday items.
Not only for the kid's room but for the entire family.
Together, like a magical puzzle, the collection contributes
to a warm-hearted home for lives that are
sometimes messy,
sometimes fun,
sometimes filled with uncertainty,
and sometimes difficult
….but most often….
just perfect.

As always, the roots are in modern yet playful
Scandinavian aesthetics with a sustainable mindset.
We, at Fabelab, prefer taking a considered approach to consumption.
We make sure to choose materials
that will stand the test of time,
shapes, textures and patterns
that will stay relevant
across the seasons.