Poncho-robe - Baby - Bear - Blue Spruce

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Fabelab's Poncho-robe with the cutest little bear ears is perfect for giving a warm hug when getting out of the fresh bath. The poncho-robe is made from the softest bamboo cotton blend, that feels soft on your little ones skin. Use the Poncho-robe to keep your little one warm and comfortable after bath time or as a cover when enjoying your time at the beach. The cute hood with ears makes the bath routine a fun and cozy moment for you to enjoy together. Babies quickly loose heat, so by wrapping the towel around your baby right after bath, you prevent them from freezing. The soft bamboo cotton blend is perfect for baby's sensitive skin and continues to stay soft after wash. 

Fabelab's Poncho-robe is designet from Fabelab's Copenhagen studio in Denmark. Fabelab's proucts are designed to encourage curiosity and imagination and all products are deeply grounded in storytelling and inspire children and their parents to be creative and playful. All products are made with love and based on natural materials and thoughtful beliefs, with attention to detail.

Size 1-2 (80-92)
MATERIAL: OEKO-TEX® 70% Bamboo 30% Organic Cotton