Fabelab’s Founder Michaela is an Austrian architect-turned-designer and a mother of two. Her dream has been to make functional, aesthetic, sustainable and long-lasting interior design and products for kids.
Michaela is explorative, creative, innovative and playful in her approach to design. At the same time, she combines her love for children and their sparkling universe with trends in the fashion and design world. 
From the beginning, Michaela has made an effort to keep an honest and sustainable approach to design, always with a keen eye on all the little details. It’s not just about design, but how the products come to life. 
Combining her skills and passion as an architect and scenographer, Michaela’s design process is holistic and functional with a twist of the intangible imaginary universe that resides in the child in all of us.
Born and raised in Vienna, Michaela moved to Denmark in 2005 and now lives in Copenhagen with her Danish husband and their two girls. 


Established in 2013, Fabelab is a playful organic Scandinavian children’s interior brand, who believes in creating high quality, innovative and responsibly-made products for a cosy and creative home.

Fabelab stems from a world of imagination, and our name is created by two seemingly opposite words: fable and laboratory.  Our ideas originate from this playful, experimental space where dreams inspire an imaginative landscape of multi-purpose products, that allow children and their families to grow and develop together, gathering stories and valuable childhood memories along the way.

We create
Starting from our award-winning blanket (Playfold Bird), we have grown our Fabelab family of products to interior pieces and toys for children. From beautifully stitched mobiles to handy tote bags and cuddly animals. Our universe is playful, magical and above all, functional. Our products are creative, innovative and playful.

We dream
Our point of departure is an experimental laboratory where fables and fairytales play an important role. We are in awe of children’s creativity and imagination. Tapping into this world, we dream about pirate bunnies, friendly foxes, witty whales and cuddly cats. Our dream is to create a playful universe where your imagination can run wild.

We believe
We believe in high quality products and innovative design. We want to contribute to our children’s imagination. Our products encourage play, experimentation and creativity. We believe in the power of storytelling and therefore our products have a story behind them.

We care
The majority of our products are made with organic cotton from our partner in India. Wherever possible, we use corn fibre filling instead of polyester filling. We also try to reduce plastic waste in every way possible. When it comes to sustainability, every step helps to create a better planet for our kids. We like to think of each product as an individual, just like you and your child. Our products are made with love and based on sustainable beliefs, organic materials and attention to detail.

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