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Fabelab is a playful organic Scandinavian children’s interior brand, founded in Copenhagen, that believes in creating high-quality, innovative, and responsibly made products for a cosy and creative home. From our Copenhagen studio, we design products that encourage curiosity and imagination - all products deeply grounded in storytelling. Our products are multipurpose and grow with the family, gathering stories and memories along the way.


We are firm believers in storytelling and make-believe. We create products that inspire children and their parents to be creative and playful, broadening horizons and encouraging understanding and empathy.


We challenge ourselves to create innovative children’s products for everyday use that are made responsibly and with love. Beauty and functionality are at the forefront of our design process. We design products that stimulate children’s senses and imagination throughout every stage of their development, becoming an integral part of their play universe.


Our products are made from sustainable textiles from our partner company in India. As part of our Minimakers initiative, we turn our paper packaging into sweet and interactive craft projects for little ones. Upcycling and reusability are core tenets of Fabelab, and we work to ensure that everything we make has a dual purpose.


Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod, founder & designer - mwb@fabelab.dk

Michaela is the founder and lead designer of Fabelab. An Austrian architect living and working in Copenhagen, Michaela has embraced Scandinavian design principles, taking inspiration from the stories of people around her, her background as an architect and stage designer, and her two young girls who continuously push for imaginative and purposeful playthings. 

Svend Spaabæk, sales & international strategy - wholesale@fabelab.dk

Signe Møller Jensen, head of design - design@fabelab.dk 

Katrine Torndyb, purchase manager - production@fabelab.dk

Mia Jørgensen, customer service & logistics manager - customerservice@fabelab.dk

Tina Tran, Marketing & communications - marketing@fabelab.dk

Tina Vanda Schou, graphic design - graphics@fabelab.dk

Jóhanna Niclassen, E-commerce manager & digital marketing - ecommerce@fabelab.dk 

Therese Kaisner, Product Compliance - tk@fabelab.dk 

Choki Lindberg, photographer

Pauline Drasbæk, illustrator & workshop manager