Product Recall




Animal Teether

Child safety has always been Fabelab’s first priority. Fabelab therefore asks customers who have purchased Fabelab’s Animal Teether to immediately stop using it.

Fabelab withdraws all Animal Teethers as we were informed by a customer that the wooden ring can break, if heavy pressure is applied to the ring. Therefore Fabelab issued extra tests that the Teether Ring did not pass.

Fabelab always tests all products according to international standards - in this case CE standard EN71 (1-2014) and despite the fact that the product has passed this test, Fabelab has unfortunately found the above.

For Fabelab our children are the most important thing in the world and Fabelab has zero tolerance when it comes to their safety. Therefore Fabelab is recalling the following products:

Animal Teethers with product code: A-teether-CB17, A-teether-LB17, A-teether PB17, A-teeter-CC17, 1801729319

Please return the product to the store where purchased. The shops will naturally credit you the value of the product.

Fabelab sincerely apologizes for the situation. Fabelab is of course available for any questions or by phone: (+45) 60 53 20 85.

Kind regards,

Founder of Fabelab