Angel Chime - Fabbies

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Welcome our very own and much loved Angel Chime!
The sweet Fabelab Christmas characters Yeti, Reindeer and Buddy Bob
make sure to spread a wonderful and adventurous Christmas atmosphere.

Well hidden in the Enchanted Forest, in between trees that feel giant as we immerse into a whimsical world of lovely creatures and nostalgic elements. There are stockings for everyone and even the Yeti has come to join. Giant candy canes and drums bring us back to a childhood filled with memories of christmas magic.
Pleated hearts, a beloved Scandinavian tradition and mistletoe are spreading love amongst the guests.

Fabelab's founder, Michaela, and her creativity, is at the heart of everything Fabelab does. Inspired by the whimsical imaginative world of kids as well as trends and the aim to create heirlooms, she is always busy dreaming of new ideas, full of charm and character, lovingly designed in our creative studio in the heart of Copenhagen.

Fabelab brings you beautiful and playful decorations and gifts full of charm to make you smile and inspire exciting adventures in that joyful season. Christmas is the most magical time of the year.

Topper of spinning stick: Copper
Others: Iron
Washcode: N1