Baby Blanket - Zodiac - Aries

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If you’re having a baby or know someone who does, Fabelab’s Zodiac baby blanket might be something for you. The ultra-soft baby blanket with beautifully embroidered edges and a zodiac sign is made from 100% organic cotton. The blanket comes in 12 different variants, one for each sign.

Whether you believe in astrological signs or not, it is a cute and personal blanket that can follow the baby throughout life. First as a swaddle - perfect for making the little baby warm and calm - and later as a light baby blanket. Pair the Zodiac blanket with a matching Zodiac Friend, and you have a perfect newborn gift.

21.03 - 23.04
Passionate, creative, impulsive, and passionate

Meet baby Aries. She loves to be the center of attention. Active and energetic, you will have to keep an extra eye on her, especially when she learns to walk. Childproofing your home is essential. Emotions can change quickly, and a mood can set in in seconds, but on the upside, so can a smile! With other kids, Aries can be a bit bossy. Socializing with slightly older kids can help her learn to have fun, even when she’s not in charge.

Size 100x100cm

Material: OEKO-TEX® 100% Organic Cotton
Wash Code: W1