Bedcover - Grid - Old Rose - Single

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Create a cute and stylish look with Fabelab's Bedcover, that fits the single bed perfectly in your little ones room. A nice Bedcover adds harmony and a tidy expression in the bedroom. It's the details that makes the big difference in a room and with Fabelab's Bedcover you can change the look in your bedroom, so that it feels wonderfully inviting.
The Bedcover is made from 100% organic cotton and has a lovely, soft muslin weave. It has a beautiful grid pattern with a bolder colour on one side and a pale colour on the other. It has a soft and nice surface and goes well together with Fabelab's beddings made of soft organic cotton.
Use it to make the bed nice and clean during the day reading a book or just realxing, for playtime, picnics or naptime cuddles.

Fabelab believes in creating high-quality, innovative, and responsibly made products for a cosy and creative home. The Bedcover is made for multipurpose and grow with the family, gathering stories and memories along the way.

Material:100% Organic Cotton
Wash Code:W1