Cover Hot Water Bottle - Sloth - Old Rose

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This soft Cover is in the shape of our cute sleepy Sloth character with its huggable long arms. It is made of 100% organic cotton sherpa and gives your child warmth and comfort whenever he needs it. With it's cute looks and soft surface, the cover is perfect for giving your Hot Water Bottle a soft and comfortable feeling, when being used under the duvet on cold and rainy days.
Use our Hot Water Bottle together with this cover to comfort your little one. They will keep your little one warm after a day full of new outdoor adventures, when it is raining or when they are feeling cold. 
Recommended age: 2+ without Hot Water Bottle inside. With Hot Water Bottle inside, only under adult supervision!

Fabelab's hot water bottles are purchased separately.

Size:38 cm
Material:100% Cotton
Wash Code:W4