Doll Accessories - Parasol

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Get your Fab Friends ready for summer with this super cute Doll Beach Umbrella. Bring your favourite Fab Friend to the beach. The Beach Umbrella will protect your Fab Friend from the sharp rays of the sun.

Fabelab’s Founder Michaela is an Austrian architect-turned-designer and a mother of two. Her dream has been to make functional, aesthetic, sustainable and long-lasting interior designs and products for kids.
Michaela is explorative, creative, innovative and playful in her approach to design. At the same time, she combines her love for children and their sparkling universe with trends in the fashion and design world. 
From the beginning, Michaela has made an effort to keep an honest and sustainable approach to design, always with a keen eye on all the little details. It’s not just about design, but how the products come to life. 

Size: Fits Fab Friends (Fab Friend doll 40cm)
Material: 100% Organic Cotton I Filling: Polyurethane Foam, Stick :Pine Wood
Wash Code: N1- No wash
EU Toy Safety Standard: CE