Sleep Bumper - Old Rose

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Fabelab's Sleep Bumper - Old Rose is made for multipurpose and everyday use. Use the Sleep Bumper during your pregnancy as a pillow under your pregnant belly while you sleep or later on as a support pillow for breastfeeding.

Let your older children use it as a cuddly big pillow in the bed, and make it comfy as you snuggle up. The Sleep Bumper makes a soft edge in the junior bed and is perfect for creating a safe corner, for leaning against, when reading a book. The Sleep Bumper is suitable for when your child is transitioning from a crib into a bed, as it can create a nest-like feeling in the bigger bed.

The Sleep Bumper is made of 100% organic cotton and acts as a support cushion, as it is soft and malleable. It works as a long pillow, that can be used for several purposes. Just like our Sleep Bumber, many of our products are made for multipurpose and grow with the family. We value high-quality and functionality in every product we design, in that way, we ensure a long lifespan of the products.

Material:100 % Organic Cotton Filling: 100% Recycled polyester
Wash Code:W4