Tree Blanket - Yule Greens embroidery - Natural

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Fabelab's Tree Blanket Embroidered Jule Greens is made of organic cotton.
It comes in a beautiful soft offwhite colour with embroidered small details of hollys and misteltoes, inspired by the season's branches, leaves and berries.
Use it as a Christmas tree skirt or as a captivating element in your seasonal home styling.

This year we pay a special tribute to the celebration of the winter solstice, the pagan holiday of ‘Yule’. It’s all about reflection, connecting to those people we love, having fun and spending more time in nature. We are inspired by a deeper focus on nature, its cycles and how we can celebrate the joy of the changing seasons. Our colour palette reflects the beautiful changing hues in nature as the temperatures drop. More specifically, we are proud to present our colour card with hues such as holly red, caramel, chocolate brown and cinnamon.

In the Fabelab Christmas collection, you can discover a wonderland of Christmas decorations and gifts, from nostalgic and traditional to new playful characters.
The Christmas Collection consists of traditional products with a playful twist and a sophisticated palette of colours. Fabelab creates a fresh look for every Christmas season. All themes and colours can be mixed and matched to create your very own Christmas

Size: 100cm
Material: 100% Organic cotton (Polyester Embroidery thread)
Wash Code: W2