Bob the Bear's quirky old car

Make a car for our beloved Bob the Bear! All you need is a toilet paper roll, some paper and glue!
Together with my girls Liva and Linnea, we thought about what kind of car Bob would like.
Bob is a cosy fellow, who lives in the enchanted forest and loves to give big warm hugs. So Liva and Linnea decided he needs a quirky and old cosy and slow car. The car is colourful and makes a little smokey cloud when Bob is driving.
I have prepared a template you can colour in, cut out and glue to your paper roll or use as a stencil to cut out coloured paper.
We hope you get inspired to make design own car.
car_diy_crafts happy_craftingcraft_your_own_car
We will also make a car for our cool grey Bunny Linus and a vehicle for our Fairy Elva.