Put on Fabelab's Wings - Butterfly and pretend to be the most beautiful butterfly Put on Fabelab's Wings - Butterfly and pretend to be the most beautiful butterfly.

Butterfly Bliss

Where Dress-Up Dreams Come True
FABELAB's Soft Baby Toy FABELAB's Soft Baby Toy

Fabric Treasures

Soft and Colorful Baby Toys
Fabelab´s big Buddy Bear:

Meet Big Buddy Bear: Your cuddly 100% organic cotton companion with a big heart and even bigger hugs, perfect for warmth and comfort. Bring him home today for endless joy and loyalty.

Fabelab´s Dress-up world:

Transform into beautiful butterflies with our Butterfly Wings for imaginative play. Stay protected and inspired with our Knight Armour set. Join Fabelab for endless adventures, encouraging curiosity and creativity in every product. 

Fabelab´s Pocket Friends:

Introducing the Pocket Friends: Tiny but faithful companions residing in your pocket, ready to bring imagination and comfort wherever you go. With hugs, kisses, and reminders, we offer warmth and protection, keeping your dreams alive and your secrets safe.


Our popular meal sets are made from PLA, which is a biobased plastic. PLA is made from renewable fibers extracted from crops like corn, wheat, and sweet potatoes. At Fabelab, we love the material because it is versatile, compostable, and the best of all, not preleum derived.

As it is softer than traditional plastic, we do not recommend scratching with metal cutlery.

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