In and around the Lucky Ocean, we meet our coastal creatures, the ones we already know, and the new ones, like a beautiful little Starfish Rattle.

We dive into the ocean and meet the little Mermaid Fairy, who encourages us to believe in our dreams. Small explorers go on adventures with the Ship Blanket.

The beautiful patchwork blanket folds into an origami paper boat. The colours and pattern on the blanket are inspired by the ocean, sailboats and the coast.The wanderlust for new places as well as a compass to guide you home again, is what lies within the design.

Ship Blanket - Coastal

Sold Out

Swaddle - 2 pack - Ocean

279 kr

Doll - Mermaid

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Rattle - Starfish

149 kr

Doll Bedding - Shell

139 kr

Washcloths - 3 Pack - Coastal

110 kr

Coin Pouch - Shell

79 kr

Muslin Cloth - 2 Pack - Ocean Spray

149 kr

Tumbler Puffin

229 kr

Sleeping Bag - Blue Spruce & Ocean - 0-6 month

349 kr

Sleeping Bag - Blue Spruce & Ocean - 18-36 month

399 kr

Sleeping Bag - Blue Spruce & Ocean - 6-18 month

369 kr

MM Booklet Lucky Ocean

99 kr

Pencil Case - Shell

149 kr

Play Purse Shell

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