Fabelab’s Fab Friends love to play dress-up with their cute doll clothes and to go on adventures - especially go camping under the stars. After a long day of playing, they go rest in their Rope Doll Baskets or Doll Prams.

The size, cute looks and soft cotton Terry make them playful and incredibly huggable. We design our dolls to be friends for life, timeless, with a contemporary look, an artisan feel and an openness for interpretation. 

Our Fab Friends Apple and Berry are made from organic cotton, filled with corn fibre filling and are irresistibly cuddly!  


Use the doll accessories to build up small universes around the dolls. To keep the Fab Friend's clothes in order Fabelab has designed a timeless wooden Clothing Rack.

The Fab Friends have inspired us to design a lovely and contemporary Doll Pram in handmade wickerwork with a hint of vintage and inspired by our own childhood memories. 

The little Pull Waggon is beautifully handcrafted from bleached wickerwork and doubles as a stylish storage basket as well as a fun little trolley to take toys for a stroll. 


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Doll Clothes Rach Doll Pram Doll Clothes Rack




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