Fabelab in India (Part 1)


This April, Fabelab took a trip to India to get a first hand look at our production. We had a chance to meet the wonderful and welcoming people who work with us to create the Fabelab products. 

We start this series by showing you one of the spinning and weaving mills producing fabric for Fabelab. This is where the raw organic cotton is washed and made into thread, then woven into the quality fabrics you see in our products. 

We were pleased to witness the impressive level of quality control throughout the process, checking the thread consistency and strength, among other tests. After the fabric is woven every single bolt is checked for marks and inconsistencies before leaving the mill. It was a great experience to see the cotton process from the start. 

Over the next few weeks we will share some blog posts and photos from our trip about the manufacturing process. We believe it is important to know where your products are coming from an understand the lives of the people behind it. 

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