Let your little one drift into a well-earned sleep in Fabelab's 100% organic and super soft Bed Time products. 


Fabelab's bedding come in both solid colours and printed textiles in sizes for both baby, junior, and adult and comes with both duvet and pillow cover. It is the perfect and the most comfortable bedding for sleepy time, for both the little ones and yourself. 


Our Sleeping Bags comes in editions for both mid-season and summer time. Fabelab's sleeping bag is a practical cover for your child while sleeping, and all our sleeping bags are reversible with beautiful print on the one side and a solid colour on the other. The sleeping bags have a side zipper that opens from bottom to top to make diaper changing easy. 


All Fabelab cuddles are comforting little friends for your baby to snuggle with as she grows and learns about the world, and they come in so many different shapes and beautiful colours.

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