Nap time in the sun

Sleep tight in Fabelab's summer sleeping bags 

On the warm summer days nothing beats taking a nap outside in the fresh air with a nice, cool breeze. Even on the warmer days where the sun is enough to keep your little ones warm, it’s still nice to snuggle up with a cozy and comforting cover. For this purpose Fabelab’s muslin sleeping bags are the perfect fit!

The sleeping bag is TOG 0.9 and is made from soft, organic cotton. You can find it in three different color and print variations.








For colder nights, the sleeping bags can be found in different material, thicknesses and colors here

The perfect cuddle buddy 

Fabelab's Fabbies makes the most adorable and soft cuddle buddies for your child. You can read more about the first three Fabbies here 

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