New Playful Beetle Character

Fabelab's new character Bertil the Beetle 

Lead your though to the warm winds, bright colours and wonderful smells of the Little Orchard, with our newest addition to the Fabelab family. The playful Beetle character brings fun and colours into every little child's room. 

Let your little one unleash his imagination while playing with the big playful Beetle character, with his warm colours and unique look. Collect all the Beetle characters from Fabelab: Storage Bag, Snack Bag, Quilted Blanket, Soft Blocks and the cute Beetle Rattle. 

Store your toys in a fun and decorative way

Decorate the children's room with a unique storage bag. A different and playful way to storage all your favourite toys. When it's time to tidy up, let you little one help out. A fun and colourful Storage Bag makes collecting all the toys a lot more fun! 

If you are looking for a fun partner i crime, our Rattle is the perfect match. Let your curious child discover his senses with our new character Bertil the Beetle. The playful Beetle’s sound bell and scratchy dotted wings activates your little one’s hands, ears and mind.

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Quilted Blanket & Storage Bag
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Baby Rattle Beetle Fabelab

Fabelab's popular soft blocks in new design

Another great way to stimulate the senses is through our new Soft Blocks - Orchard. The bee, strawberry, apple and beetle are perfect for a fun time of play and activation. The four stacking bricks are adorable in this new Orchard colour edition.
 Soft Blocks

A soft surface to play or rest on

Create a fun and loving place to play or rest on with our new Quilted Beetle Blanket. Made of 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester wadding, our Quilted Blanket makes a super comfortable and soft spot in the room. 

Shop Quilted Beetle BlanketQuilted Blanket Beetle


 Collect Fabelab's new Beetle Character and create a unique and creative room for your little one! 




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