This year's summer collection is inspired by memories of fun, freedom and joy spent in the forest, at the beach or in the nearest park. 

Grab your picnic bags and enjoy some delicious snacks in the sun. We’re celebrating the new season with a selection of picnicware including beautiful blankets to sit on, thermos to keep your tea warm, cooler bags that make sure your lunch stays fresh all day and other picnic-must-haves.

Plan a magical and fun picnic for your kids with our enamel dinnerware. Your little one can enjoy food and drink without the risk of anything contaminant their food.

Make memories 

A whiff of a familiar scent triggers our memory and takes us back to our childhood and reminds us of homemade lemonade at grandmom's house, a campfire on a camping trip by the lake, the combination of sunscreen and sand or just motherly love. 

Thats the happy summer memories that shaped us and made us love and laugh, even lon after thet have passed. The endless summer memories we will never forget. The endless summer memories we want to pass on to our little ones. 

Give your little one a chance to explore the natural environment and go on adventures. Entertain your little one’s for hours with our selection of outdoor play and create a lot of memories. 


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