Piggy Bank Felt Craft


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Teaching your children about the value of money is an important part of (child raising) raising a child, and prepare them to conquer the world. For younger children, understanding that large purchases require savings, is one of the best lessons they can learn.

MiniMakers offers 3 fun Piggy Bank craft kits, the Bear, Bunny and Unicorn, for the little makers to stitch and create themselves. 

The best part is, when you decide to cut it open to use your savings, the craft is ready to be made again! Make education fun!

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Step 1:

Stitch your Piggy Bank Felt Craft

It’s easy to learn first sewing skills with prepunched holes.

The felt is made from recycled polyester and extra thick for this craft to last.

Step 2:

Feed your Piggy bank with your pocket money and save up for a special toy or occasion

Step 3:

When you have saved enough – cut open the felt Piggy Bank and collect your money!

Easily stitch the Piggy Bank again for the next round of savings.

Extra Tip:

The Piggy Bank Felt Craft Kits can also be made into a cute purse for savings or the first mobile.

Just add a string and leave the top part open!


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