It's “International Plastic Bag Free Day”!

We want to use today to let you know that we at Fabelab, work hard to eliminate all plastic bags, not just today, but every day!

What do we do to get there? 
We switched all individual product packaging bags to biodegradable bags instead of plastic polybags.

For our webshop orders, we are now using bags made from sugarcanes and recycled film. 


We have eliminated all plastic windows in our product packaging and replaced them with open windows in cardboard boxes.

As a sustainable brand, we feel it is our responsibility to ensure our children’s future by taking action and building awareness about our fragile environment. 

We believe everyone can make a difference in ensuring the welfare of our planet, no matter how small or big, all efforts count.
We hope to inspire you to take your first steps to becoming plastic free, just like us. 


For example: Use our practical Canvas Tote Bags when shopping instead of plastic bags!


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