Time For School

Get ready for school with Fabelab

It’s August and August means going back to school! Here at Fabelab we wish to help all schoolkids, new as well as old, to get a great start of the new schoolyear. Let’s help you find everything you need - all you have to do is fill up your new gear with your own school supplies and get to class! 

Pack your bag and get ready to learn!

The most important thing you need for school is a backpack with room for all you books, pencils, lunchbox and maybe also a little friend to keep you company such as a Pocket Friend. Dont worry we got you covered! Fabelab’s new backpack comes in three different color variations. The backpack holds multiple different pockets to best store all the items you need. It also has reflex details on the front and back to keep you safe in traffic. 

Store your favorite pencils and crayons in a smart fold-out pencilcase 

In order to do your homework you need a pencil, but how can you avoid not losing your pencil or have them lying around in the bottom of your backpack? Oh, we got it - a pencil case! Fabelab pencil cases are big enough to store all your colormarkers and pencils and comes in colorvariations that matches your new backpack. 

Time for a lunchbreak 

Starting at school can be a little exhausting with all the new impressions so it's very important to stay hydrated to keep your energy level high. It won’t be hard to remember to drink water with a water bottles as adorable as these ones! Remember a lunchbox too for a sustainable way to store your foods and snacks. 

Find all the mentioned items and the rest of the Time For School collection here. 
Good luck and have fun!

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